Terence Hill Official Team
Terence Hill
Leading Actor

Jess Hill
Film & Photo / Project Management

Maurizio Palumbo
Art Direction / User Experience / Project Management / Web-Development

Marcus Zölch
Project Management / Knowledge and Photobase Archive / Social Media Consulting

Diego Marchese
Drawings / Illustrations
Credits / Earlier contributors
  • Barbara Nelson - Content development
  • Andrea Forneris - Content development
  • Yann Bonnefond - French translations
  • A very special thanks for their support goes to Dennis and Eric Heyse from www.spencerhilldb.de.
About this website
This website is managed by the TerencHill.com team. The aim of the team is to provide official information for interested people and fans. Although it is our desire to provide the information in multiple languages, unfortunately this is not always possible.
We remain at your disposal for information and / or details and wish you a pleasant visit of the site.
You can contact us through our Facebook channel (www.facebook.com/terencehillofficial).