Vacanze col gangster
Directed by Dino Risi
Year: 1951
Five young boys find a message of a prisoner who claims to have been sentenced unjustly. The boys prepare a plan to rescue the innocent man during their summer holidays. They send a cake - with a message hidden inside - to prisoner 5823, but by mistake the cake is brought to prisoner number 6211, who is a dangerous gangster. The gangster's criminal friends plan an escape for him too and Amalia, a young singer who belongs to the gangsters, makes Gianni (Terence Hill), one of the boys, who fell in love with her, believe that the innocent man is her brother; to convince the boys to help the dangerous criminal Jack Menotti to escape. When the boys meet the gangster, they realize the deceit. The situation gets out of hand until police discovers the truth and arrives to rescue the boys. Their enterprise was not in vain though: the innocent prisoner 5823 is finally released.
This movie was the debut of the 12 year old Mario Girotti (Terence Hill).
Marc Lawrence
as Jack Mariotti
Giovanna Pala
as Amelia
Mario Girotti (Terence Hill)
as Gianni
Lamberto Maggiorani
as Innocent prisoner no 5823
Gaetano Pessina
as Andrea
Luciano Caruso
as Mario
Alfredo Baldieri
as Nino
Antonio Macchi
as Ugo
Starring also Aldo Alimonti, Anna Arena, Silvio Bagolini, Mario Balice, Mario Cianfanelli, Bianca Doria, Mario Galli, Teresa Macri', Dina Perbellini
Dino Risi
Dino Risi, Ennio de Concini
Piero Portalupi
Mario Nascimbene
Franco Fraticelli
Film Editing
Flavio Mogherini
Set Design
Cinematografica Mambretti
Lux Film