La voce del silenzio
Directed by Georg Wilhelm Pabst
Italy / France
Year: 1952
Five men from various backgrounds attend a spiritual course in a convent. The group consists of a candle-maker, a politician, a prisoner of war, an author and a thief, who joined the convent to escape from the police. All of the men, apart of the thief, have a moral problem to solve. The politician has repressed the fact that he sacrificed three lives in a sabotage act: he will solve his crisis by becoming a priest. The prisoner of war, who is ill and believed to be dead, doesn't have the courage to return to his wife, who remarried while he was away. In spite of the priest's counsel, he will leave his wife for ever. The writer feels responsible for the crimes committed by his readers, but he decides to continue to publish his books because of financial reasons. The candle maker, who is a miser and bigot, doesn't learn anything during his stay, but the thief leaves the convent sorry and redeemed.
Aldo Fabrizi
as Dealer Pio Fabiani
Jean Marais
as Andrea Sanna
Daniel Gelin
as Francesco Ferro
Cosetta Greco
as Anna Maria
Eduardo Ciannelli
as padre superiore
Paolo Stoppa
as Publisher
Frank Villard
as Mario Rossi
Antonio Crast
as Preacher
Paolo Panelli
as Renato Ladruncolo
Fernando Fernan
as Gomez Fernand Layer - chaplain
Rossana Podesta'
as Angiolina De Bellis
Maria Grazia Francia
as Pia
Enrico Luzi
as Fernando
Checco Durante
as Sacristan
Franco Scandurra
as Prosecuting attorney
Ezio Rossi
as Gino
Piero Palermini
as Partigiano
Aristide Baghetti
as blind grandfather
Franco Pesce
as Don Michele
Oscar Andriani
as Court president
Gino Anglani
as Angiolina De Bellis
Mario Girotti (Terence Hill)
as the boy at the barrier
Roberto Mauri
as a penitent
Starring also Luciano Caruso, Ada Colangeli, Giovanni De Montero, Michele Di Giulio, Gian Franco Fianco, Edilio Kim, Gianni Latini, Ada Mari, Rio Nobile, Vera Wicht
Cesare Zavattini
Giorgio Prosperi, Giuseppe Berto, Oreste Biancoli, Pierre Bost, Roland Laudenbach, Bruno Paolinelli, Tullio Pinelli, Bonaventura Tecchi, Akos Tolnay, Pietro Tompkins, Franz von Treuberg, Georg Wilhelm Pabst, Cesare Zavattini
Gabor Pogany
Enzo Masetti
Eraldo Da Roma
Film Editing
Guido Fiorini
Set Design
Mario Vigolo
Costume Design
Cines-Franco-London-Film, Roma
Lux Film