It Happened in the Park
Les Amants de Villa Borghese
Directed by Gianni Franciolini
Year: 1953
This film shows six episodes, some funny, some sad, which take place in the Park of Villa Borghese. Serve e soldati: In the mornings, 'Villa Borghese' belongs to the children and their nannies, who like to filrt with the young soldiers. Pi-greco: A young pretty student and her classmates want to take a compromising photo with her and their Greek professor in order to blackmail him, but when the professor tells her about his sad life situation, she is so touched that she gives up the idea. Incidente a Villa Borghese: A famous lawyer has a flirt with a young pretty seamstress. While they are together in the park, her fiancée assaults the man. A policeman helps him out of this embarrassing situation. Il paraninfo: In the coffee bar of Villa Borghese: A marriage agent tries to arrange a marriage between a well-off girl with a minor physical defect and an employee in search of a dowry. While their parents try to make the most of the situation, the couple concludes the negotiation in a romantic way. Concorso di Bellezza: A street walker, on the run from police, finds refuge in a dance club, where a beauty contest takes place. She is mistaken for a competitior and elected "Miss Cinema".
Eduardo De Filippo
Anna Magnani
Vittorio De Sica
Enrico Viarisio
Micheline Presle
Franca Valeri
Anna Maria Ferrero
Mario Girotti (Terence Hill)
Sergio Amidei, Giorgio Bassani, Ennio Flaiano, Ercole Patti
Sergio Amidei, Giorgio Bassani, Ennio Flaiano, Ercole Patti
Mario Bava
Mario Nascimbene
Astoria Film (Roma) - Sigma Cinevog (Parigi)
Diana - Panarecord