Divisione Folgore
Directed by Duilio Coletti
Year: 1954
In the summer of 1942, the Folgore Division para-troopers, who had to endure a long and hard training in Italy, are sent to the Lybian desert. The young soldiers, who believed that their destination was Malta, realise that they are trapped in a desert, where they have to live in big holes dug in the sand, and face the well equipped English army with insuffcient means. The famous battle of El-Alamein develops, where heroic fighters try their hardest to stop the tanks of General Montgomery. The fight ends with the victory of the English, and the destruction of the heroic formation. The movie shows the lives of some of the para-troopers, heroes since their departure from Italy to their defeat.
The Folgore Division had been trained and readied for the occupation of Malta planned for late Spring of 1942. On November 3, 1942, the Folgore Division was essentially destroyed as a large unit.
Aldo Bufi Landi
as Brother Gabriele
Monica Clay
as Captain's wife
Mario Girotti (Terence Hill)
as Para-trooper Delavigne
Marco Guglielmi
as Tenente Corsini
Ettore Manni
as Captain
Fabrizio Mioni
as Gianluigi Corsini
Lea Padovani
as Wife of Di Salvi
Renato Tontini
as Mario Giovanetti
Fausto Tozzi
as Seargant
Starring also Carlo Bellini, Fernando Cecero, Josč Jaspe Salvi, Beatrice Mancini, Rosita Pisano, Carlo Tamberlani, Daniela Vicario
Umberto Bruzzese
Aldo Barni, Oreste Biancoli, Marcantonio Bragadin, Duilio Coletti, Ennio De Concini, Marcello Giannini, Nino Mancini, Angelo Pannaccio', Alfonso Vicario
Luciano Trasatti
Nino Rota
Franco Lolli
Set Design
Esedra CCI