The Golden Touch
La vena d'oro
Directed by Mauro Bolognini
Year: 1955
Maria and her seventeen year old son Corrado live in a villa outside Rome. She was widowed at a young age and ever since dedicated her life to her son. Although she is still attractive, she withdrew from life a long time ago. One day Corrado meets Mr. Manfredi, an archeologist who works nearby. They strike up a friendship and Corrado invites him to his home. Manfredi falls in love with Corrado's mother, who, after the long years of living alone, hopes for a new beginning. Corrado feels very jealous of this situation. The relationship between Maria and Manfredi makes him suffer, he can't bear to share his mother's love. During a party on new year's eve, Corrado sees his mother kissing Manfredi and decides to run away. Maria, who feels guilty, realises Corrado's jealousy and asks Manfredi to leave her for ever, even if she still loves him. Carla, a young girl who is in love with Corrado, finds him and tries to convince him to go back home. Surprised by a heavy shower, the two young people find shelter in a hut and return to Corrado's house early in the morning. Corrado learns later that Carla has left: the events of the night have worried her parents, who took her home. Corrado is lovesick and decides to write a letter. He now begins to understand his mother's feelings for Manfredi and goes to find him to get them back together again.
Inspired by the play of Guglielmo Zorzi from 1928
Richard Basehart
as Engineer Manfredi
Titina De Filippo
as Teresa
Mario Girotti (Terence Hill)
as Corrado
Leonardo Botta
as Corrado's friend
Bianca Maria
as Ferrari Carla
Violetta Napierskha
as Violetta
Martha Toren
as Maria
Elsa Vazzoler
as Giulia Carena
Helene Vercors
as Signora Albani
Henri Vilbert
as Doctor Albani
Mauro Bolognini, Gino de Sanctis, Jacques Remy
Carlo Carlini
Carlo Rustichelli
Alberto Boccianti
Set Design
Ermanno Donati & Luigi Carpentieri for Athena Cinematografica
RANK, Athena