Gli sbandati
Directed by Francesco Maselli
Year: 1955
Northern Italy, near Milan, 1943. In order to escape the bombings of the Second World War, Contessa Luisa, her son Andrea, grandson Carl and Ferruccio, a family friend, search for shelter in a villa close to Milan. The three boys try to pass the time in the best way they can. Only Carlo realizes the tragedy of the situation. The group is soon joined by Lucia, a woman who also seeks refuge and a group of soldiers, escaping from the Germans. Andrea hosts them in the villa during his mothers absence, and soon falls in love with Lucia. But the brave gesture of Andrea provokes Ferruccio: he informs the Germans about what is happening in the villa. The soldiers decide to escape to the mountains using a truck, also taking Lucia, Carlo and Andrea. The mother returns just before their departure, and Andrea, influenced by his mother, refuses to follow his friends. He plans to escape to Switzerland instead. While he sits in the car to begin his journey, he hears the gunshots that are fired on the truck, killing Lucia.
Jean-Pierre Mocky
as Andrea
Isa Miranda
as mother of Andrea
Lucia Bosé
as Lucia
Leonardo Botta
as Ferruccio
Ivy Nicholson
as Isabella
Antonio De Teffe'
as Carlo
Ferdinando Bitti
as soldier
Bianca di Toro
Manfred Freyberger
Dori Ghezzi
Mario Girotti (Terence Hill)
Marco Guglielmi
as soldier
Franco Lantieri
as soldier
Giuliano Montaldo
as soldier
Giulio Paradisi
Goliarda Sapienza
as Lucia
Joop Van Hulsen
Eriprando Visconti
Francesco Maselli, Aggeo Savioli, Eriprando Visconti
Gianni di Venanzo
Giovanni Fusco
Antonietta Zita
Gianni Polidori
Set Design
Emanuela Castelbarco
Costume Design
Franco Cucchini, Eriprando Visconti per la Trionfalcine e Nicola Caracciolo per la C.v.c. Prod. Film