I vagabondi delle stelle
Directed by Nino Stresa
Year: 1956
Franco, a young painter at the beginning of his career, stays in a noisy and modest boarding-house in Naples. Franco has two friends in the house: Tonino, a student, and Rosario, a hot-blooded Sicilian. Rosario is always on the look-out for adventures that pull him out of his daily rut. The three youngsters live a bohemian life, poor and nearly starving but happy. One day, Franco falls in love with Maria Stella, the daughter of the boarding house's owner. Maria Stella's father is furious and threatens to kill the audacious Don Giovanni. After several troublesome incidents, the story leads to a happy end: Franco, who has a beautiful voice, debuts as a singer for which Maria Stella's father has written the words. The father, who is about to pull the trigger of his gun on Franco, is overcome by emotion and remorse and finally accepts their love.
Mario Girotti (Terence Hill)
as Franco
Brunella Bovo
as Maria Stella
Enrico Glori
as De Chiara
Eugenia Bonino
as Servetta di De Chiara
Vincenzo Musolino
as Rosario
Riccardo Fellini
as Tonino
Starring also Titina de Filippo, Luisa Rivelli, Roberto Bruni, Crocietta, Lilia Landi, Enzo Maggio, Nino Milano, Narciso Parigi, Eduardo Passarelli, Nino Vingelli
Nino Stresa
Nino Stresa
Sergio Pesce
Tarcisio Fusco
Mariano Arditi
Film Editing
Oscar D'amico
Set Design
Mauser Film