Directed by Giorgio Simonelli
Year: 1957
Franco Danieli, a student, meets a young starlet, Nadia, while buying a present for his mother in a store. Nadia, who seems to like him, invites him to her house. Franco falls in love with her and although he had always been a good son and student, he now starts to neglect his studies and also Marisa, a fellow student who loves him dearly. But the happiness of his newfound love is of short duration: To Nadia, the realtionship to Franco is just a little flirt. She has a rich and mature boyfriend and protector, who allows her to live a life in comfort and luxury. She will not end this profitable relationship and makes it clear to Franco. It's a big blow to him. He wants to win Nadia's love at any price and therefore steals money from his father's company. As he arrives in Nadia's apartment with the stolen money, her older lover surprises them and throws him out of the house. Nadia's only worry is to make up with her rich protector. Disheartened and tormented by remorse for the theft he committed, Franco decides to kill himself. He writes a letter to his mother in which he explains the reasons of his tragic decision and gives the letter to Marisa. She reads the letter and makes a plan with his mother to stop him: With the proceeds of the sale of family jewels and a ring of Marisa, the stolen money can be replaced without being noticed missing. This resolves the crisis, Franco returns home to his old ways and returns Marisa's love.
Guaglione' is one of the many Italian movies of the 50s and 60s which were inspired by a song. The hit 'Guaglione' by Aurelio Fierro stayed at Number One of the Italian Top Ten for 6 weeks and was translated in many languages.
Mario Girotti (Terence Hill)
as Franco Danieli
Giulia Rubini
as Marisa Caraccio
Dorian Gray
as Nadia
Titina De Filippo
as Signora Danieli
Amedeo Girard
as Signor Danieli
Tina Pica
as Tina
Virgilio Riento
as Roco
Claudio Villa
as Giacomino
Carlo Tamberlani
as Signor Caraccio
Carlo Lombardi
as Commendator Guido
Giovanni Grimaldi and Guido Malatesta
Franco Lancella
Alvaro Mancori
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