Directed by Carlo Ludovico Bragaglia
Year: 1957
Luciano, a student, is in love with Sandra, a fellow student. Sandra belongs to a rich family, while Luciano's family is quite poor, but this doesn't upset their relationship. Luciano is a good student, which increases their hope of a happy future together. While Sandra stays at her family's summer house in the mountains, her father's company unexpectedly goes bancrupt. This is a big blow to the family, which now has to adapt to poverty. To help her family, Sandra decides to accept the marriage proposal of a very rich young man, a friend from her childhood. When Luciano arrives at her house, eager to spend some time with her, she makes it clear to him that she has changed her mind and can't marry him anymore. Luciano ignores Sandra's reasons, angrily returns home and starts do date a pretty young woman. Luciano, who has plans to leave the country with his new girl, meets Sandra again after some time. She had not gone through with the marriage, following her mother's advice. Her family slowly recovers, her mother found work for support. All misunderstandings are cleared and both of them are happy to have found each other again.
The movie is based on a song by Modugno who also appears in this film.
Alessandra Panaro
as Sandra Sandra Carpella, called 'Lazzarella'
Mario Girotti (Terence Hill)
as Luciano Pico
Rossella Como
as Fanny
Luigi De Filippo
as Nicola Sant'elmo
Madeleine Fischer
as mother of Sandra
Riccardo Garrone
as father of Sandra
Irene Tunc
as Brigitte Clermont
Dolores Palumbo
as Donna Carmela
Turi Pandolfini
as Professor Avallone
Tina Pica
as Vedova Capuana
Mario Ambrosino
as Scognamiglio
Roy Ciccolini
as Fernando
Aurelio Fierro
as Aurelio
Domenico Modugno
as Mimi'
Riccardo Pazzaglia
Ugo Guerra, Riccardo Pazzaglia, Giorgio Prosperi
Raffaele Masciocchi
Carlo Rustichelli
Alfredo Melidoni
Set Design
Titanus, Compagnia Generale Cinematografica
Titanus - Mondadori Video (il Grande Cinema)