The Sword and the Cross
La spada e la croce
Directed by Carlo Ludovico Bragaglia
Year: 1958
Gaius Marcellus is sent to Judeah to control the behavior of governor Pontius Pilatus against the rebels. As soon as he arrives, he meets Mary Magdalene. They fall in love with each other. But Mary belongs to Anan, nephew of the priest Caiphas, who lives to protect the thief Barabbas. Gaius and Anan fight over Mary. In the meantime, she begins to speak about Jesus and his sermon. His words have made a big impression on her and her faith grows when Jesus brings her brother Lazarus back to life. Gaius can't understand the change in the woman's behavior and is happy to be able to capture Jesus. Mary Magdalene is devastated. She does what she can to save him, but to no avail. Barrabas, betrayed by Anan, is imprisoned. Pilatus has the opportunity to save one prisoner and asks people if they want to free Barrabas or Jesus. Barrabas' freedom is demanded and Jesus is crucified. Mary Magdalene sits beneath the cross, sorry for her sins.
Yvonne De Carlo
as Mary Magdalene
Jorge Mistral
as Gaius Marcellus
Rossana Podestŕ
as Marta
Massimo Serato
as Anan
Andrea Aureli
as Barabbas
Giulio Battiferri
as Centurione Romano
Mario Girotti (Terence Hill)
as Lazarus
Philippe Hersent
as Pontius Pilatus
Robert Morgan
as Judas
Rossana Rory
as Claudia
Nando Tamberlani
as Caiphas
Starring also Leonardo Bragaglia, Nadia Brivio, Roberto Cesana, Franco Fantasia, Aldo Pini
Ottavio Poggi
Sandro Continenza
Raffaele Masciocchi
Roberto Nicolosi
Roberto Cinquini, Renato Montanari
Film Editing
Ernest Kromberg
Set Design
Ottavio Poggi for La Liber Film
Euro International