Directed by Raffaello Matarazzo
Year: 1959
Cerasella, a lively young woman, is about to marry the mild mannered and timid Alfredo, but escapes shortly before the wedding. She hides on a motor boat where she meets Bruno, a rich young man who is in love with Nora, a shallow girl. When Cerasella is found by her brother, she declares that she doesn't want to marry Alfredo because she doesn't love him. Meanwhile Bruno's father, being sure that Nora doesn't love his son, disagrees to their wedding. When he sees that Bruno has no intention to stop his wedding plans, he disowns him. Nora immediately leaves him for this reason and Bruno is forced to search for work. Cerasella offers him work in her father's firm, on the condition that he pretends to be her fiancée. They soon fall in love with each other in reality. Bruno's father changes his mind and finally grants permission for his son to marry Nora, who does her best to reconquer her ex-fiancée. To reach her goal, she does not hesitate to slander Cerasella. Bruno believes her, leaves his work and returns to Nora. After a conversation of Cerasella and Bruno's father, he discovers Nora's dishonesty and manipulation. He convinces his son to abandon the frivolous girl and to marry Cerasella.
This movie is one of the many Italian films of the 50s and 60s which were inspired by a successful song. The movie was filmed in Vietri sul Mare/Italy in October and November 1959. The actress Claudia Mori is married to famous Italian singer Adriano Celentano today.
Claudia Mori
as Cerasella
Mario Giroti (Terence Hill)
as Bruno
Luigi De Filippo
as Alfredo
Alessandra Panaro
as Nora
Mario Carotenuto
as Bruno's father
Carlo Croccolo
as Giuseppe
Piera Farfarella
as Nannina
Lia Zoppelli
as Nora's mother
Luigi Pavese
as The General
Starring also Tony Angeli, Gisella Arden, Enzina Berti, Mario Castellani, Fausto Cigliano, Salvatore Costa, Magda D'Amato, Peppino De Martino, Nino Di Napoli, Rino Genovese, Rino Genovese, Amedeo Girard, Gisella Guidi, Gina Mattarolo, Anna Placido, Franco Ricci, Giuseppe Rizzo, Lilli Romanelli, Aldo Tarantino, Carlo Taranto, Giancarlo Zarfati
Enzo Bonagura, Ugo Pirro
Enzo Bonagura, Sandro Continenza, Raffaello Matarazzo, Ugo Pirro, Dino Verde
Vaclav Vich
Giorgio Fabor
Mario Serandrei
Spic - Titanus
Filming Location
Vietri sul Mare, Italy