Spavaldi e innamorati
Directed by Giuseppe Vari
Year: 1959
Spartaco and Golia, realtives who live in the same building in Rome, often fight with each other, letting their respective families participate. Spartaco has two children, Romano and Silvia, Golia's family consists of his wife, son Paolo and himself. The families should keep the peace because Paolo is in love with Silvia, but their parents try to break their relationship apart. The sons Paolo and Romano are chiefs of two gangs, which don't miss a beat to play tricks on each other. One day, an uncle arrives from the States, together with a lovely girl, Dorothy, who searches for a husband. Spartaco and Serafina try their hardest to make Dorothy fall in love with their sons, but she decides on Giulio, a friend of the family. Silvia misunderstands the situation and believes that Dorothy chose her boyfriend Paolo to be her husband. She is lovesick and runs away from home. Both families search for her. Silvia is finally found and the crisis brought both families closer together.
Memmo Carotenuto
as Spartaco
Ennio Girolami
as Romano
Mario Girotti (Terence Hill)
as Paolo
Yvonne Monlaur
as Silvia
Carlo Pisacane
as old Zietto
Betty Rowland
as Dorothy
Gisella Sofio
as Serafina
Alberto Talegalli
as Golia
Starring also Carla Calň, Bruno Corelli, Carlo Delle Piane, Fiorella Ferrerro, Giacomo Furia, Guglielmo Inglese, Glauco Onorato, Liz Simson, Marco Tulli
Nino Stresa, Dino Verde
Nino Stresa, Dino Verde
Francesco Izzarelli
Carlo Innocenzi
Marisa Benedetti
Film Editing
Saverio D'Eugenio
Set Design
Universo Film