Un militare e mezzo
Directed by Steno
Year: 1959
The emigrant Nicola Carletti (Renato Rascel) and his family return to Italy after thirty years in the USA, to promote a new invention. The authorities discover that he missed the military service and, although he is in his fifities, they oblige him to attend the training. Life in the barracks is not easy for him: he has to endure the terrible Marshal Rossi and doesn't have enough time to sign important business deals. To complicate things further, the fiancée of the Marshal's daughter falls in love with Carletti's daughter, leading to jealousy between the youngsters and furious fights between Carletti and the Marshal. In the end, Carletti succeeds to sign the importnat business deal, the Marshal's daughter falls in love with a rich American and Carletti and the Marshal become friends and business partners.
Robert Alda
as Mister Roy Harrison
Alberto Antonucci
Ignazio Balsamo
as the porter of Farmaceutiche Riunite
Aldo Fabrizi
as Maresciallo Giovanni Rossi
Lella Fabrizi
as aunt of Anita
Paolo Ferrara
as the player
Mario Girotti (Terence Hill)
as Ltd. Giorgio Strazzonelli
Loris Gizzi
as pharmacist
Salvo Libassi
as Sgt. Maggiore
Virna Lisi
as Anita
Vicky Ludovisi
as Mary
Ruggero Marchi
as Colonnell Guido Martufi
Guido Martufi
as Pasquale
Audrey Mcdonald
as Betti Carletti
Nino Nini
Renato Rascel
as Nicola Carletti
Aldo Fabrizi
Mario Amendola, Aldo Fabrizi, Roberto Gianviti, Ruggero Maccari, Vittorio Metz, Steno
Tino Santoni
Armando Trovajoli
Mario Serandrei
Film Editing
Alberto Boccianti
Set Design
Silvio Clementelli per Titanus
Titanus - Mondadori Video