Juke box urli d'amore
Directed by Mauro Morassi
Year: 1959
Mario, a man who goes through life doing nothing and living from other people's money, is released from prison, in which he spent some years for a fraud he comitted. He meets Marisa, a single woman who owns a record company. She falls in love with him and although she knows about Mario's ways, wants to marry him. Mario, who has no intentions to get married, especially not to her, takes advantage of the situation, making strange deals for Marisa's company, invloving aspiring musicians and singers. His deceit is soon discovered and while choosing whether to end up in prison again or to marry Marisa, he opts for the marriage, but in the last moment bails out of it again. Meanwhile the car mechanic Otello (Mario Girotti/Terence Hill) falls in love with a girl who has a dubious reputation...
Mario Carotenuto
as Paolo Valente
Marisa Merlini
as Marisa Loreto
Karin Baal
as Otello's girlfriend
Mario Girotti (Terence Hill)
as Otello
Raffaele Pisu
as Orlando
Aroldo Tieri
as Anzillotto
Dori Dorika
as Franchina
Aldo Giuffre'
as Bruno
Tiberio Mitri
as Kid La Tigre
Ciccio Barbi
as aspiring singer
Mara Berni
as Domenica
Tiberio Murgia
as Calogero
Leopoldo Valentini
as owner of the nightclub
Fedele Gentile
as Brigadiere Altarelli
Starring also Mario Valente, Adriano Celentano, Jacqueline Derval, Giorgio Gaber, Pina Gallini, Maria Grazia Spina, Bruno, Wanna Jbba, Germano Longo as a friend of Mario, Marisa Merlini as Marisa Loreto, Gordana Miletic, with participation of the musicians I Giullari, Mina, I Solitari, Coleen Hicks and the Cabin Boys
Ottavio Alessi, Ugo Guerra
Ottavio Alessi, Fabio De Agostini, Ugo Guerra
Luciano Trasatti
Enzo Leoni
Franco Lolli
Set Design
ACI Cinematografia Italiana
Del Duca Regionale