Rampage at Apache Wells
Der Ölprinz
Directed by Harald Phillip
Germany / Yugoslavia
Year: 1965
A ruthless oil baron sells nonexistent oil fields near the Shindler Lake. When innocent farmers seem to disturb his 'business', he kills the son of Mokashee, chief of the Indians. Winnetou and Old Surehand try to prevent a war between cowboys and Indians...
This film also belongs to the 'Winnetou-Saga' by German writer Karl May. First shown in movie theatres on August 25th, 1965
Stewart Granger
as Old Surehand
Pierre Brice
as Winnetou
Harald Leipnitz
as Ölprinz
Macha Méril
as Lizzy
Mario Girotti
as Richard Forsythe
Antje Weisgerber
as Frau Ebersbach
Walter Barnes
as Campbell
Paddy Fox
as Old Wabble
Heinz Erhardt
as Kantor Hampel
Sime Jagarinac
as Mokaschis son
Petar Petrovic
as Jimmy Campbell
Slobodan Verdernjak
as John Campbell
Branko Supek
as Jack Campbell
Marinko Cosic
as Tobby
Antun Nalis
as Jenkins
Mavid Popovic
as Mokaschi
Fred Denger, Harald Philipp
Heinz Hölscher
Dusko Jericevic
Set Design
Martin Böttcher
Irms Pauli
Costume Design
Hermann Haller
Film Editing
Matija Barbalic
Sound Engineer
Erwin Lange
Horst Wendlandt
Exec. Producer
Rialto Film Prebsen Philipsen, Berlin & Jordan Film, Zagreb
Filming Location
Split, Yugoslavia