Flaming Frontier
Old Surehand
Directed by Alfred Vohrer
Germany / Yugoslavia
Year: 1965
Old Surehand hunts the 'Desperado' gang and tries to catch their leader, the crook 'General'. Toby (Mario Girotti = Terence Hill) and his girl friend Judith (Letitia Roman) help Old Surehand on his mission.
For those who do not know the Winnetou Saga: The stories are based on German writer Karl May, who ironically never visited the US, but, through intensive research painted a picture of a country that is sometimes strikingly accurate. The movies were made in the 1960's and represent the first and until now most successful Western adaptations made in Germany. The first film, based on a book by Karl May, turned out to be the most successful crowd-puller of the year.
Stewart Granger
as Old Surehand
Pierre Brice
as Winnetou
Letitia Roman
as Judith
Larry Pennell
as General
Mario Girotti (Terence Hill)
as Toby
Paddy Fox
as Old Wabble
Wolfgang Lukschy
as Judge Edwards
Erik Schumann
as Captain Miller
Bata Zivojinovic
as Potter
Dusan Antonijevic
as Maki-Mothe
Vladimir Meda
as Ben O'Brian
Fred Denger
Karl Lob
Martin Böttcher
Herman Haller
Film Editing
Rialto Film Preben Philipsen (Berlin) Jadran Film (Zagreb)