Die Nibelungen 1
Die Nibelungen 1 - Siegfried
Directed by Harald Reinl
Year: 1966
Siegfried wins the love of the beautiful princess Kriemhild, but cannot marry her until he finds a way to marry Kriemhild's brother, King Gunther, to icy warrior Queen Brunhilde. With Siegfried's help, Gunther beats Brunhilde in a battle of strength, and everyone gets married. But the bitter, man-hating Brunhilde does not like the situation, and her ensuing treachery eventually leads to Siegfried's early demise.
Die Nibelungen' is based upon the epic Teutonic poem "Das Nibelungenlied", written around 1200 A.D. Modern day audiences will probably be familiar with the storyline of good vs. evil as presented in Wagner's Der Ring der Nibelungen operatic interpretation. The films use the same myths, part one being 'Siegfried', part 2 'Kriemhild's Revenge' (aka Kriemhild's Rache).
Uwe Beyer
as Siegfried
Rolf Henniger
as King Gunther
Siegfried Wischnewski
as Hagen
Maria Marlow
as Kriemhild
Karin Dor
as Brunhild
Mario Girotti
as Giselher
Fred Williams
as Gernot
Hans von Borsody
as Volker von Alzey
Skip Martin
as Alberich
Hilde Weissner
as Königin Ute
Dieter Eppler
as Rüdiger von Bechlarn
Christian Rode
as Dietrich von Bern
Barbara Bold
as Hildegunt
Dolde Bosiljcic
as Dankwart
Sam Burke
as Blo-Edelin
Maria Hofen
as Frigga
Ingrid Lotarius
as Gudrun
Benno Hoffmann
as Mime
Djorje Nenadovic
as Slaodel
Ladislas Fodor, Harald G. Petersson, Harald Reinl
Ladislas Fodor, Harald G. Petersson, Harald Reinl
Ernst W. Kalinke
Rolf Wilhelm
Hermann Haller
Film Editing
Isabella Schlichting, Werner Schlichting, Alfred Schulz
Irms Pauli
Costume Design
Ccc Filmkunst, Avala Film
Filming Location
Filmed in Sremska Raka, Iceland and Spain from April 20th 1966 until September 20th, 1966.