The Tough and the Mighty
Barbagia (La società del malessere)
Directed by Carlo Lizzani
Year: 1969
Graziano Cassitta (Terence Hill), a young Sardinian shepherd who considers honor to be more important than life, has taken revenge for the death of his brother by killing one of his murderers. He is arrested but succeeds to escape three times, the last time from the prison of Sassari, together with the Spaniard Miguel Tienza, with whom he hides in the woods of the mountains in the heart of the region Barbagia. Graziano forms a gang together with the dishonest lawyer Spina and begins to kidnap rich men for ransom. While police tries to catch him, Graziano - who justifies his own actions by claiming to take money just from the rich - becomes extremely popular and dreams to become the head of a separatist movement. Scared by his megalomania, Spina and the others decide to get rid of him by setting him up for a wrong move: The kidnapping of Nino Bedetto, an honest man, and not rich at all. The action provokes indignation all over the island; the whole population joins the police officers to find him and the members of his gang don't trust and obey him any more. During a fight with police officers, Miguel, the only one who remained Graziano's friend, dies. Graziano tries to esacpe the police again, but not for long.
The movie was inspired by the book "La societŕ del malessere" by Sardinian writer Giuseppe Fiori, who analyzed the social and historical origins of the banditry in Barbagia.
Terence Hill
as Graziano Cassitta
Don Backy
as Miguel Lopez
Clelia Matania
as Graziano's mother
Empedocle Buzzanca
as Graziano's father
Gaetano Cimarosa
as Cartana
Remo De Angelis
as Giovanni Cassitta
Attilio Dottesio
as Nino's father
Rossana Krisman
as Nino Benetto's wife
Gabriele Tinti
as Nanni Ripari
Frank Wolff
as Spina
Peter Martell
as Antonio Masara
Franco Megna
as Gioacchino Cinna
Giuliano Maielli
as Graziano as a child
Enzo Sancrotti
as Nino Benetto
Helene Ronee
as Anania
Franco Silva
as Avv. Arecu
Carlo Lizzani
as Journalist
Starring also Rosalba Neri, Gianni Di Benedetto, Alberto Fedele, Orso Maria Guerrini, Giuliana Quaglia, Marco Sancrotti
Giuseppe Fiori
Augusto Caminito, Massimo De Rita, Carlo Lizzani, Dino Maiuri, Antonio Troiso
Nino Cristiani
Don Backy
Franco Fraticelli
Film Editing
De Laurentiis
Filming Location
Sardinia, Italy
Don Backy
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