The Miami Cops
Miami Supercops (I poliziotti dell' 8ª strada)
Directed by Bruno Corbucci
Italy / USA
Year: 1985
FBI Agent Steve Forrest (Bud) is retired and earns a few bucks as a helicopter pilot. His ex-partner, sly Doug Bennet (Terence), can lure him back to work with him once more. 11 years ago, both of them had captured the gangster Garret. Garret's loot of 20 million Dollars was never found. Now, the gangster is out of jail with Steve and Doug on his trail, trying to find the stolen money. While paying a "visit" to Garret's old gang, they find out that they killed him. Indian chief Charro, Garret's ex- inmate, turns up. He knows that a member of Garret's gang had plastic surgery and took a new identity. Doug and Steve are trailing him to his hideout, an old warehouse...
Terence Hill
as Doug Bennet
Bud Spencer
as Steve Forrest
C.B. Seay
as Capt. Tanney
Jackie Castellano
as Irene
Richard Liberty
as Joe Garret
William "Bo" Jim
as Charro
Rhonda S. Lunstead
as Anabella
Buffy Dee
as Pancho
Ken Ceresne
as Robert Delmann/Duran
Bruno Corbucci, Luciano Vincenzoni
Bruno Corbucci, Luciano Vincenzoni
Silvano Ippoliti
Carmelo & Michelangelo La Bionda
Daniel Ballaby
Film Editing
Klaus Kolb
Set Design
Frank Brown
Costume Design
Bruno Corbucci
Trans Cinema TV Elpico S A
CEIAD - Columbia Tristar Home Video
Filming Location
Miami, Florida