Lucky Luke - TV
TV series (8 episodes)
Directed by Terence Hill / Richard Schlesinger / Ted Nicolaou
Year: 1991
The surrounding land of Daisy Town is divided between farmers and cattle owners. Luke doesn't worry about this until a certain Mr. Josephs wants to sell barrels of gun powder. Helped by Laura, a young farmer, Luke discovers that Mr. Josephs is in fact Joe Dalton... Luke and Laura are captured in an old mine shaft and the Daltons start their vendetta.

1. Who is Mr. Josephs?
2. Midsummer
3. Ghost Train
4. Ma Dalton
5. Cafe Olé
6. Luke's Fiancée
7. Grand Delusions
8. Nobody's Fool
Terence Hill
as Lucky Luke
Nancy Morgan
as Lotta Legs
Fritz Sperberg
as Averell Dalton
Dominic Barto
as William Dalton
Bo Gray
as Jack Dalton
Ron Carey
as Joe Dalton
Joshua Bryant
Ben Zeller
Rockne Tarkington
John Furlong
Rebecca Barliant
Candice Clark Voake
Jill Momaday
Arsenio Trinidad
John Saxon
Radha Delamater
as Martha Schultz
Marc Mouchet
Plabo Templeton
as Carlos
Ruth Buzzi
Jack Elam
Abe Vigoda
Alsion Shanks
Neil Summers
as Deputy Virgil
Madeleine Kahn
Julie Hagerty
I.M. Hobson
Tessa Taylor
Stephen Kalstrup
Arsenio Trinidad
Robin Westphal
Ron Carey
John Quade
Karen Elliott
Elisabeth St. Clair
Rene Auberjonois
Cass Morgan
Steve Rankin
Paloma Films & Reteitalia
Produced By
Aaron Schroeder, David Grover
Lucky Luke rides again' was written and recorded by Roger Miller, 'The Lonesomest Cowboy in the West' was writted and performed by Arlo Guthrie.
Theme Song
Filming Location
Bonanza Creek Ranch, Santa Fe/New Mexico, Zia Pueblo, Valles Caldera National Preserve, White Sands National Monument, La Junta/Colorado, Tucson/Arizona