Virtual Weapon
Potenza Virtuale
Directed by Anthony M. Dawson (Antonio Margheriti)
Year: 1997
When Skims (Terence Hill) and Mike (Marvelous Marvin Hagler) get together, things are going to get hot. With a reputation for ducking bullets and causing mayhem, Marvin now wants to live the quiet life in Miami. Trouble is his old partner Skims is in town to crack a terrorist ring and a new high powered explosive. When things go horribly wrong, Skims ends up dead. Or so everyone thinks. Instead, he's now floating free in cyberspace, and able to travel everywhere he wishes. And with the whole world wired to a global net, there is no end to what Skims can do...
Terence Hill
as Detective Skims
Marvelous Marvin Hagler
as Mike
Giselle Blondet
as Chelo
Jennifer Martinez
as Lily
Stephen Edward
as Van Axel
Tommy Lane
as Shepard
Jacquelin Solomon
as Carla
Andy Horn
as Zantec
Jorge Gill
as Shabazz
Glen Scherer
as Colonel Slide
Bruno Corbucci
Ferdie Pacheo & Jess Hill
Carlo Tafani
Carmelo & Michelangelo La Bionda
Eugene Ballaby
Film Editing
Margaret Wohl
Costume Design
Henry Lopez
Interactive Group
Digital Effects
Valerie Wolkoff, Edoardo Margheriti
Ferdie Pacheco
Exec. Producer
Trans Cine Film Inc. & Paloma Productions
Filming Location
Filmed from January to March 1997 in Miami, Florida