The Man who Rode in the Dark
L'uomo che cavalcava nel buio
Directed by Salvatore Basile
Year: 2008
Rocco was a horse riding instructor and trainer. His successful career was suddenly crushed by a defamatory sentence for sports fraud and homicide: Fabrizio, Rocco's student, was thrown off his horse during a tournament. It was discovered that the horse had been doped. Rocco, although being innocent, took responsibility for the events and withdrew from the equestrian world. After eleven years, he returns to the stables he worked at for most his life, prior to the incident. He has to confront and deal with everyone who felt betrayed by him. But thanks to a young horse and a shy teenage girl with a natural talent for show jumping, Rocco tries to revive his career, to re-live the exciting preparations for the big tournaments. He knows that the true winner is not the one who walks away with the prize, but the one who follows his dreams.
Terence Hill
as Rocco
Mimmo Mignemi
as Guglielmo
Francesca Cavallin
as Patrizia
Marta Gastini
as Serena
Marcello Mazzarella
as Marcello
Luciano De Luca
as Saverio
Barbara Livi
as Daniela
Ivo Garrani
as Carlo
Marco Cocci
as Fabrizio
Manuela Gatti
as Dora
Emilio De Marchi
as Gamberale
Alberto Gimignani
as Baracchi
Alessandro Jacchia
Salvatore Basile, Francesco Balletta, Paolo Logli, Alessandro Pondi
Claudio Sabatini
Nino Formica
Stage Design
Claudio Cutry
Film Editing
Valter Azzini
Costume Design
Alessandro Jacchia, Maurizio Momi
Albatross AMP
Filming Location
Rome, Rocca di Papa and Arezzo (Italy).