Doc West
Mini-Series (2 episodes)
Directed by Giulio Base, Terence Hill
Year: 2009
When Doc West saves a young boy, 'Silver', from a deadly rattlesnake, Silver brings the doc back to his town of Holysand, a town that is being torn apart by a battle between the cattle ranchers and the local farmers. Later in the saloon, Doc West briliantly wins at the poker table and embarrasses the farmer thugs who are opposing Silver's rancher family. The farmer calls Doc a cheat and guns are drawn. The sheriff breaks up the fight and arrests Doc West to keep the peace. While in jail, Doc learns about the sheriff's problems and agrees to help him. When he is relased from jail, Doc West is captured by the farmers, and beaten. A beautiful woman nurses him back to health. Soon, Doc is forced to face the problems of his past and gets the strength to clean up the town. In the process, Doc returns to being a doctor and saving lives instead of taking them.
Terence Hill
as Doc West
Paul Sorvino
as Sheriff
Clare Carey
as Denise Stark
Ornella Muti
as Debra 'Tricky' Doping
Kisha Sierra
as Maria
Mary Petruolo
A. Di Clemente
as Garvy
Benjamin Petry
as Silver (the kid)
Linus Huffman
as Jack Baker
Micah Alberti
as Burt Baker
Boots Sutherland
as Nathan Mitchell
Adam Taylor
as Victor Baker
Mercedes Legget
as Gloria
R.W. Hampton
as Scar
Mark Sivertsen
as Van
Dylan Kenin
as Hans
Gianni Biasetti
as Larry
Marcello Olivieri, Luca Biglione
Marco Tullio Barboni, Marcello Olivieri
Original Novel By
Massimiliano Trevis
Director Of Photography
Guy Barnes
Production Design
Luca Ceccarelli
Line Producer
Anselmo Parrinello, Luca Ceccarelli
Maurizio De Angelis
Roberto Siciliano
Lahly Poore Ericson (NM), Gianni Viti (Rome)
Costume Design
Alberto Colajacomo
Audio Post-Production
Luigi Rocchetti (Italy), Isabel Harkins (USA)
Make Up
Guido De Angelis
Exec. Producer
Nicola De Angelis, Marco De Angelis
Co-Exec. Producer
Anselmo Parrinello
Filming Location
Santa Fe, New Mexico (USA).