Un passo dal cielo 1
TV Series (12 episodes)
Directed by Enrico Oldoini
Year: 2011
Pietro is the Chief Forest Ranger, a 'man of the woods' with a painful secret. He is a famous mountain man, a climber who had conquered the highest peaks before a tragic incident occurred to the woman he loved. His life has never been the same again; he decided to retire to the mountains, hoping to find both some peace and himself. Being able to understand animals, Pietro has learnt to understand men and, listening to the wind, he can foresee the traps scattered in the woods as well as life’s hidden traps. His kingdom is the wonderful parkland located near a village that lies at the foot of the mountain. Our hero has dedicated his own life to protecting this environment. Vincenzo, a police officer from Naples, has the opposite point of view. He is used to city life; he is used to chasing criminals and to infiltrating gangs to curb drug trafficking. Being transferred to San Candido looks like a sort of promotion/punishment to him, and in the beginning the excessive stillness and the slow response times bother him. While investigating on unusual and sometimes bizarre cases, learning to decipher the mysterious signs of nature and clashing with Pietro and his philosophy, Vincenzo becomes so attached to these enchanted places and their language, that he ends up desiring to live here forever. He understands that this town, that he considered just a stage of his career, could become the place where to put down roots in…and maybe find a new, unexpected love named… Silvia. This is a story that combines the epic characters of the Western genre and an adventurous plot in a fairytale landscape.

1. Lo spirito del lupo
2. Il fantasma del mulino
3. Il giorno del Santo
4. La prova del fuoco
5. Il capriolo avvelenato
6. Caccia al tesoro
7. Salvato dalle acque
8. Un salto nel vuoto
9. Il mostro del lago
10. L'ape regina
11. Il volo dell'aquila
12. La lacrima del gigante
Terence Hill
as Pietro
Enrico Ianniello
as Vincenzo
Gaia Bermani Amaral
as Silvia
Francesco Salvi
as Roccia
Gianmarco Pozzoli
as Huber
Mauro Pirovano
as Il sindaco
Gabriele Rossi
as Giorgio
Claudia Gaffuri
as Chiara
Valentina D'Agostino
as Marcella
Bettina Giovannini
as Claudia
e con Katia Ricciarelli
as Assunta
Salvatore Basile, Francesca De Michelis, Enrico Oldoini, Mario Ruggeri, Andrea Valagussa
Luisa Cotta Ramosino, Sara Melodia
Creative Producer
Teresa Razzauti
Stefano Ricciotti
Monica Gaetani
Costume Design
Pino Donaggio
Lorenzo Fanfani
Rosario Ranieri
Daniele Passani
Exec. Producer
Sara Polese, Francesca Tura
Prod. Raifiction
Luca Bernabei
Filming Location
Innichen and Prags/Hochpustertal in South Tyrol