Andrea Forneris Interview
Andrea Forneris thought of some interesting questions for this interview.
First of all, we'd like to clear up all questions about your date of birth. Some publications say that it's March 23, others say that it's March 29!
I was born on March 29, that’s the correct date!

Many people would like to know which one of your films is your favorite?
'My Name is Nobody'!

Which one of your movies do you like least of all?
Maybe you don’t know this one, it's called 'Il Vero e il Falso'.

What was your biggest artistic satisfaction?
Well, this is a difficult question, but I can say 'My Name is Nobody'. And also 'Don Matteo' gave me a lot of satisfaction.

What do you like to do when you don’t work?
What I do when I don't work - I love nature and I love to ride my motorcycle, to read and music - especially classical music. And I like skiing very much.

Was there a particular scene in a movie that was difficult to film?
Difficult - no, because once you have done a scene, it's not difficult any more. I can remember that when I ate the beans in 'They Call Me Trinity' though, I didn't eat anything for 24 hours before doing this scene!

When one of your movies is on TV, do you watch it or not?
I watch maybe 15-20 minutes, because I enjoy watching the fight scenes. I like them very much!

Is there a place where you shot a movie that you liked a lot, so you'd like to return?
One place was New Mexico - and it was with 'My Name is Nobody'. I went back for 'Lucky Luke' and I liked it so much that I lived there for nine years!

Who is your favorite actor?
A contemporary actor - I like Mel Gibson very much.

What can you remember about your experience in Hollywood? Are there any differences between filming in Europe and in the USA?
Movies are quite the same. What I can say is that especially 'March or Die' was a very big movie and I remember a journalist coming to visit me from a European set. He said: "It’s so funny to come and see you on this set, I have to walk by ten, twenty trucks and walk for about one kilometer and then when I get here… it’s just like any other movie set! Just one camera and one actor! So why is all this stuff here?"

And what about your friendship with Bud?
We get along very well, but we don’t see each other very often. But we talk by telephone. Anyway, we are friends and we have things in common because we built our career and made so many movies together, our lives grew up together. I can say that he’s like a brother for me - and even if you don’t see him for a while, when you see him again, he's always a brother.

Have you ever thought about ending your career?
No, I don’t want to do things I don’t like, and eventually I would like to get involved in directing.

Which one is your favorite movie of Bud?
I think the Piedone series. It was very good!